Imagine the ability for your business to take on a personality of its own, actually talking and engaging with people, even making them laugh.

Imagine your business identifying its own opportunities, increasing sales and building relationships with 1000’s of potential customers. Done correctly, that’s exactly what Social Media Marketing provides. People buy off people and Social Media is the perfect way to huminise your brand, gain exposure like never before and target the right adverts, to the right people, at the right time, in a way they will literally “like”. There are several components needed for your business to go from A to B and maximise its efforts when using Social Media as a marketing vessal… This document will highlight the journey and explain how Ice7Media can offer the shortest route to Social Media Marketing success.

Getting Ready For Take Off: Set Up

Each Social Media Platform is different … they look different and the operate differently. The “7” in Ice7Media comes from the fact that we concentrate on the top seven Social Media Platforms.

That’s seven business profiles that need to be set up correctly, branded correctly and structured to provide a consistent brand image. Ice7Media’s first port of call is to collect, claim, set up and consolidate your businesses Social Media personas. We completely brand each “profile” with custom design work and ensure that everything is correct and pointing in the right digital direction within each platform. Many business have already entered the Social Media arena but it is extremely rare for all seven profiles to be completed in full and working in tandem. Once these foundations have been laid, your business is ready to start broadcasting.

Cruise Control: Social Media Management

Good, consistent content is critical for social media success … your audience needs to connect with your brand and find your social streams entertaining.

It is also crucial to not over sell your product or service, or post too many times and spam your audience. Ice 7Media provide daily content for over 70 businesses and have a dedicated team working hard to en sure that your business has always got something good to say. By managing your social streams correctly your adverts and sales messages will be naturally boosted because your audience will already be engaging with your brand and liking your content. This enables your business to reach far and wide and gain exposure to 1000′ s of potential customers.

Firing Your Guns: Social Media Advertising

As soon as you join a social media site they start to build a picture of who you are … Age, sex, location, interests, hobbies, and frequently visited places … everything you do is logged to create an accurate profile of who you are.

For a fee, you can access this information and use it to advertise your product or service to your perfect target audience. Ice7Media develop highly engaging adverts and then target them to a selected audience that match the brands “perfect customer profile”.

If your product or service is ideal for women, aged 25 – 35, who like dining out, and live within 5 miles of your postcode … Ice 7Media can create an advert that will only be seen by people that match th is criteria, furthermore, Ice 7Media will structure the advert to literally stand out in a very welcome way that the potential client will find difficult to ignore. Social Media Advertising, done correctly, is a very powerful tool that can offer your business a fantastic R.O.I

Mission Control: Ice7Media

Ice 7media was developed to offer businesses a solution that they could depend upon. Many businesses find that Social Media Marketing is too much to add to one person’s job role but not enough to employ somebody to solely do.

Few businesses ever stratagise their approach to Social Media Marketing and far less have a detailed understanding of the platforms they are using beyond a level of a “typical” user. Ice 7Media operate Social Media Marketing campaigns for over 70 business and have the expertise needed to ensure that your business can simply sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your social media activity is working in tandem with your business’s goals. Located in the heart of Birmingham, Ice7media have a wide portfolio of clients from a many industries, both UK wide and on an international scale.

Previous Destinations: Case Studies

Ice7Media can provide detailed social media reviews that explain your business’s current status and identify opportunities for improvement.

Ice7media also use this exercise to compare your business to a case study from their existing portfolio to highlight return. To get your businesses social media review, complete with one months social media management for absolutly free, please email your details to and a senior member of the team will get in touch.


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